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Sarah Banks is a popular pornstar, camgirl and model who has been performing in porn since 2016. Sarah Banks is now one of the most popular black pornstars and her work is enjoyed worldwide. Over the past few years, Sarah Banks’s sizzling sex scenes have earned her an avid global fan base as well as many nominations for “Modest Epic Ass (Fan Award)” at the 2017 AVN Awards, “Nicest Booty” at the 2017 Urban X Awards, “Nicest Breasts” at the 2018 Urban X Awards and “Best Anal Performer” at the 2019 Urban X Awards.

Personal Life

Name : Sarah Banks

Date of Birth : April 23rd

Star Sign : Taurus

Hometown : Calabasas, California (US)

Measurements : 32A – 20 – 34

Height : 5’0 (1.52m)

Hair Colour : Black/Brunette

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : Matching ‘Beautiful’ script on her left buttock and ‘Blessed’ script on her right buttock, a feather underneath her right breast, flowers across her right hip/upper thigh, flowers across the right side of her rib cage and red roses on her right forearm

Piercings : Navel and both nipples

Shoe Size : Women’s 8 (US)

Pets : 2 dogs and lots of reptiles! An ardent animal lover, Sarah revealed in her October 2016 AVN: Fresh Faces interview that;

“When I turned 18 I could finally do things and buy things that I want and nobody could say anything, so I bought all the animals I wanted…I have a lot of reptiles, so I spend a lot of time with them, or reading about reptiles, or discovering what other freaky animal I’m going to buy. I have three snakes, two bearded dragons, a savannah monitor and two dogs. And I have two geckos named Sunny and Coco. I have two Chihuahuas and they’re something. One’s fat and cute and the other’s a yipper…I have a king snake, a ball python and a corn snake. Pretty basic snakes. My house isn’t big enough for a ginormous one like a Burmese python or a boa”.

Years Active : 2016 – present

Number of Scenes : 50+

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