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We think you’ll agree that out of all the terrifically tattooed female performers in the adult industry Christy Mack is definitely one of the best. Christy Mack has remained a fan-favourite performer due to her epic Evil Angel DVD titles, her popular comic book porn parodies and the plethora of phenomenal solo sex scenes that she has filmed for her official solo website

Personal Life

Name : Christy Mack

Alias : Christine Mackinday, Kristy Mack

Date of Birth: May 9th 1991

Home Town : South Chicago Heights, Illinois / Edinburgh, Indiana (US)

Measurements : 34DD – 24 – 32

Bra/ Cup Size : 34DD

Boobs :  Enhanced

Height : 5’3 (1.60m)

Weight : 105lbs (48kg)

Hair Colour : Black / Brunette / Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Christy Mack is famous for her iconic Mohawk hairstyle and captivating body art. She full sleeves on her right and left arms incorporating all manner of floral and skull designs, as well as a floral design below her navel, a rose design on her skull, a rose design on the side of her neck and  a large sail boat in the centre of her back.

It gets even better; Christy Mack also has a nautical star with sparrows detailing across her lower back, an undead pirate at the helm of a ship design that covers up a previous ‘Property of War Machine’ image on her shoulder, ‘XXX’ symbols on the inside of her left hand, ‘Love Sick’ script across her knuckles, a small heart design underneath her eye, large rose designs on the backs of her upper thighs, a snake and roses design on the left side of her torso and a large diamond design underneath her breasts with flowers either side of it.

Want to know something incredible? Christy Mack has personally designed many of her own tattoos and has even been filmed having some of them! If you’re a tattoo enthusiast then you’ll want to check out some of Christy Mack’s tattoo themed porn productions mentioned later in this bio.

Piercings : Navel

Pets : 2 pit bull dogs (named Pitrick Swayzee and Cleopitra), ferrets and 9 snakes. Christy Mack is an ardent animal lover who stated within her August 2012 Barelist interview that;

“I currently have two pitbulls. I take in special needs pitties, and have had 14 in total… while my focus is mostly on porn, I do a lot of charity work. I help with dozens of Pitbull rescues, habitat for humanity, anything that I feel like doing that weekend. I’m sure I would be even more involved if I weren’t in the industry”.

During her July 2014 Inked Magazine interview Christy also conveyed how;

“You have to handle snakes every day or as frequently as you can. I own nine snakes and they just tolerate people, all they want is warmth and food, in order for them not to give you attitude you have to handle them a lot. If I am going to put my make-up on I will put a snake on my shoulders or if I am going to watch TV and nap I’ll grab a bigger snake and put it around me”.

Years Active : 2012 – 2015, 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 156+

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