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Meet Cecilia Scott, a Hungarian starlet making waves in the industry with her stunning looks, taut body, and an amazing talent. She has easily transformed any shoot into an electrifying performance, and she has won the hearts of many porn connoisseurs. Cecilia Scott is signed on to Brillbabes, and she was hesitant to get into porn until the agent persisted. Cecilia Scott is into porn to have fun while it lasts, and get some monster cocks up in her orifices. She was stuck in a boring job and decided to try a new career, which seems to be working in her favor. She has breathtaking natural beauty, blond hair, and mesmerizing hazel blue eyes and she will; make anyone melt when she rests her glare upon them. It is the reasons why most of her scenes must have prolonged deep throat blowjob part, and she melts any resistance. She is not shy to get down with other girls and will gladly fuck both guys and girls at the same time.Cecilia Scott is a passionately aggressive girl who can be submissive when she has to, and this makes for fantastic BDSM scenes. She has improved her performance, and since 2017 when she got her professional debut, she has gained a massive online following. She uses social media to her advantage by engaging her fans directly on Twitter and Instagram. She is does not have any grossly drawn tattoos and her skin is flawless, and porn directors and studios cannot wait to get her on their sets.

Personal Life

Name Cecilia Scott

Born January 3, 1996

Birth Place Hungary

Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Weight 125 lbs (57 Kg)

Measurements 34A-25-26

Number of Movies 30+

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