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Aaba Bin Sheikh
Aaba Bin Sheikh

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Aaba Bin Sheikh Pornstar Biography

Aaba Bin Sheikh is a Middle Eastern female model whose career began in 2007.

Aaba’s Porn Career

Aaba Bin Sheikh has starred solely with Incredible Digital. This Middle Easternperformer is quite well rounded and has starred in films which are associated with 13 categories. These categories range from blowjobs to Fetish -> Kinky , and even cumshots & facials.

Aaba has acted with a number of stars which include Crissy Moon, Nancy and Yuba Khan. Of all of her costars, you can find Aaba Bin Sheikh on camera most often with Kimberly. This duo has been in 2 movies together. The list of films in which they are featured together consists only of two items: Cum Brushers Volume 2 (Disc 2) and Cum Brushers Volume 2 (Disc 1).

The list of videos in which Aaba appears includes Arab Street Hookers Volume 2, Cum Brushers Volume 2 (Disc 1) and Cum Brushers Volume 2 (Disc 2). The two series in which Aaba Bin Sheikh appears are Arab Street Hookers and Cum Brushers.

While Aaba is not retired it has been 11 years since her last movie. We hope that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some captivating new work from her very soon.

Personal Life

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

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